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The enterprise will be hiring for the General Manager/Head Grower position for the Cannabis project. Please submit letter of interest and resume to [email protected] Any questions please call me at 541-553-3565.

Spilyay Tymoo 05-24-17

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Spilyay Tymoo on CP Enterprise – May 24, 2017

Spilyay Tymoo article

Tribal Council in June is planning to meet with Warm Springs Ventures on the funding options for the CP Enterprise, the tribes’ cannabis production project.

Update December 29, 2016


Update December 29, 2016

From Cannabis Project Coordinator

As 2016 comes to a close we look back at the 2015 referendum and the work that has been done to date to implement the People’s decision. On December 27, 2016, the Warm Springs Tribal Council voted in favor of the intergovernmental agreement with the State of Oregon that clears the way for the export of Warm Springs products for sale into the regulated state market. This comprehensive agreement protects both Warm Springs Tribal sovereignty interests as well as Oregon’s consumer. The negotiations over a year are built to be flexible as the state market is relatively new and has experienced many ongoing changes; some seen and others unforeseen. We look forward to Governor Kate Brown signing this agreement into law as it culminates a year of work that went from getting a Tribal Amendment to Oregon’s Measure 91 (Click here for Measure 91 PDF ) to delegate the Governor authority to negotiate and enter into an agreement with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. This agreement is comprehensive and the first of its kind in Oregon and will make entering Oregon’s regulated market a smooth transition and also shows potential investors and partners that our project as outlined is respected by Salem.

The Warm Springs Cannabis Commission and the Executive Director will work daily to ensure a ‘robust regulatory’ framework is in place on-reservation by requiring the enterprise to be in strict compliance with the U.S. Department of Justices’ Cole and Wilkinson Memoranda that outline a framework for both State and Tribal Cannabis programs.

Some setbacks in our timeline for construction have been frustrating and we are working hard to solidify our investment partners as well as management agreements in order to get moving as soon as we can and appreciate the patience and support from the Tribal Membership greatly. We thank the Community for the strong voter turnout and look forward to exciting announcements in early 2017 as we collectively move forward and implement the objectives in the Referendum.

Pi-Ta L. Pitt

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Memorandum from David W. Ogden, Deputy Attorney General, Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana Full PDF click here

Memorandum from James M. Cole, Deputy Attorney General, Seeking to Authorize Medical Marijuana for Medical Use Full PDF click here

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Message from Director Marks


To the Recreational Marijuana Community
A Message from Executive Director Marks

Hello Friends,

It’s been a busy year for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon marijuana community working together to establish Oregon’s new recreational marijuana market. Our work is far from complete but we pride ourselves with the strides we’ve taken to establish the legal market envisioned by Ballot Measure 91. 2016 has been filled with new laws, policy developments, and our furiously paced effort to license new businesses — from farms to retail. Together we’ve succeeded in creating an integrated and functioning market with harvest, transportation, testing, processing and sales taking place each day: our very immature market has established a strong foundation to build on.

In 2017 our work will be to grow this market into a strong, profitable, and exceedingly legal industry. We will continue to support job creation and revenue growth all around the state. The changes made this week by the Oregon Health Authority to modify testing requirements are just one part of the continuing effort to shape a regulatory structure that supports business efficiency and creativity, establishes a robust marketplace that attracts consumers, and protects public health and safety.

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Consultations with USDA and Natural Resources


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BNR Grant Funding Community Inquiry

The Bureau of Natural Resources and Warm Springs Ventures have had consultations with USDA and Natural Resources Conservation Services concerning ongoing grants. Warm Springs addressed any concerns that USDA and NRCS had and feel confident that we demonstrated compliance and that funding will not be affected. We will be in communication with the agencies as we move forward with our project and continue to share information on a government to government basis.

Marijuana Retailers To Open 10/1

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OLCC News Release – OLCC Marijuana Retailers Set To Open October 1st; Additional Testing Labs Come Online

September 30, 2016

Portland, Oregon – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has approved licenses for 26 recreational marijuana retailers around the state; some may begin operating on October 1, 2016. The action by the OLCC fulfills a promise to Oregonians that recreational marijuana stores would be open for business by fall 2016.

“I appreciate the hard work of the OLCC staff and our government, community and industry partners in achieving our October 1, 2016 goal of licensing our first marijuana retailers,” said Rob Patridge, Chair of the OLCC. “We have balanced industry desires, public health, and public safety. Along the way we have been transparent and inclusive in our approach and believe that we have crafted a collaborative regulatory system that meets the spirit of what Oregon Voter’s passed as Measure 91.”

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OLCC First Cannabis Testing Labs

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August 30, 2016

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission issues first cannabis testing labs their licenses for Oregon’s recreational marijuana industry. Both testing labs are located in Multnomah County and will be allowed to test the product provided by licensees who will be utilizing the state’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). The OLCC has approved 231 recreational marijuana wholesale, producer, lab, and processor licenses.

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OLCC website

Oregon Liquor Control Commission
9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR 97222-7355

OLCC Approves Leaf Logix Technology

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OLCC: Metrc Third Party Solution Provider Update – Leaf Logix Technology – August 26, 2016

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Metrc™ have approved Leaf Logix Technology of Roswell, Georgia as a validated software provider whose products are compatible for integration with the Oregon Recreational Marijuana Program Cannabis Tracking System (CTS).

Validated providers have developed software products to allow OLCC recreational marijuana licensees to electronically transmit inventory and sales data into the CTS, a time-saving step that eliminates the need for additional updating by manual data entry.

Other approved companies include: OMMPOS of Astoria, Oregon, Flowhub of Denver, Colorado, Greenbits of Portland, OR, Odava of Portland, OR, Adilas of Salida, CO, WeedTraQR of Seattle, Washington, and BioTrackTHC of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All licensees in Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana system are required to use the CTS. Licensees are not required to use POS or inventory management software and can enter their CTS data manually. The OLCC is not endorsing these software solutions.

The validation process only confirms the software provider’s ability to perform the specific functions identified, it does not validate the accuracy or quality of the data being uploaded. Licensees are responsible for ensuring their inventory and sales data is accurate in Oregon’s CTS even if using a validated software product.

A link to the full list of 3rd party solution providers, and their contact information, can be found on the Metrc Oregon website.

WeedTraQR Seed-to-Sale Software Certified For Use In Oregon

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A reposted article from the WeedBlog regarding tracking software approval.
Posted by on August 25, 2016 Marijuana Business News

SEATTLE, WA  – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has approved WeedTraQR, industry-leading cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software, as a validated software provider for Oregon’s recreational marijuana program. The Seattle-based company has developed a platform that is compatible for integration with Oregon’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) to meet the inventory traceability needs of the state’s producer, processor, wholesaler, and research licensees. Operational for over two years in Washington with a rapidly expanding roster of clients, WeedTraQR lends proven expertise and hard-earned credibility to Oregon’s fledgling program.

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